Letters From District 12 - Tom Prigg for Congress
Through my interactions, either at live events or via social media, I learn many of your personal stories.  These stories become my reasons for running and the purpose behind my promises.  I thought that maybe others would like to hear them, too.

This page is for your stories. It’s your opportunity to post about how our current political climate, and even the previous climates, have impacted your lives.

What challenges has your community faced? What were the biggest setbacks for our District, or the greatest triumphs? Tell us your story, and let me know what kind of changes you think could strengthen your neighborhood and community.   

Thank you for taking the time to share your personal struggles and successes. It is my hope that each individual story will help bring us together, because only together can we work towards a better future for our communities and our country.

In solidarity,


Name Story

Kira V.

Healthcare is on my mind, and what the government is trying to push through makes my heart hurt. The fact that they would knowingly take away healthcare from so many, or at the very least make it so much more difficult and expensive to get (to the point it may not be feasible for some) is deplorable. I also have friends with children born with disease (aka pre-existing conditions) that will need lifelong care with expensive medications and regular doctor's visits. I can tell you, they are scared.

Kristen S, PhD

I graduated with a PhD in Genetics at a time when funding was going from bad to worse (~5 years ago). Year after year I would hold my breath when my ONE grant would renew to find out if I would have a job next month. I continually wrote grants, either by myself or collaborating with others, but in the rare disease field grants were becoming increasingly difficult to win for even the established investigators. My research focuses on developing new therapies for rare inherited disease, and my work is now being tested in clinical trial. I love my work, and I love that my therapies could help kids and families live better lives, but the truth is it comes down to being able to pay bills. Without scientific funding I lose my job and with it my health care, and my work is potentially abandoned. I was struggling - the daily stress was crushing. We need more scientists in government - people who understand science, can evaluate information independently to come to their own conclusions, can adapt their thinking when new data becomes available, and will think outside the box for solutions. And we need people to help fix NIH funding to ensure strong American science continues. Today's research project could be tomorrow's cure!

David L Wilcox

Thanks to the ACA and prayer our son is alive! He was studying to retool for work which he could do safely with his underlying Ankylosing Spondylitis when he required additional spinal surgery. About 2 weeks post op he developed a complication called HIT---heparin induced thrombocytopenia. HIT caused blood clots to form all through his body---including both lungs, He spent his 40th birthday and 7 additional weeks in a medically induced coma. He is now three years out and left with long term disabilities (but judged not to qualify for SSD) and has finally been able to return to work part time. He is a single dad of a young daughter. During this process we have been his sole support. We are beyond grateful that he is here but our savings are now gone. Our story is not unique so we are out every day calling for affordable health care for all and go to bed each night praying for our country.

CAPT USN Ret. Michael Singleton

I've served this country honorably for 38 years and my expectations for the VA disability claims are not favorable. Have several service connected medical claims pending and one approved. I don't quite understand the entire system of evaluation. I'm quite sure I'm not alone with these views. But the process calls for several timely appointments with doctors I assume are experts in giving the VA the analysis need to support a service members military connected claims. I feel the process is very subjective and not intended to serve the veteran favorably unless it's extreme and critical claim that can't be denied. Those of us that have adverse medical life changing claims it appears that less efforts are put into a service member receiving a favorable claim or approval. I'm actually just explaining this process that's affecting me the best that I know how. But once you've received that denial letter of a disability claim it's true debilitating and disappointing. I say this because after you've given your life and time to the service of this country as many my fellow veterans have, all you really want is the VA's or whoever is involved acknowledging that your country will take care of you once your military service is complete after 38 years. That hasn't seem like the case as with me and many others I'd assume that have the same issue with the VA disability claims process. I've been waiting for over one year for decision on a pending claim that has affected my quality of life for many years before and after I retired. I hope the new VA leadership will take on this urgent issue and work towards a fairer and less overwhelming disability claims process that ALL Veterans deserve. Thanks for the opportunity to express my views. CAPT USN (retired ) Michael Singleton

A. Follower

I think I'm already starting to feel the affects of Trumpian/GOP cruelty... I am 58 yrs old, disabled on SSD, SSI & may have trouble with a pending HEAP application. Never had a problem until now! Besides being enraged, I am very afraid!
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