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“Prigg describes himself as a progressive candidate who supports universal healthcare, improving veterans’ assistance programs, renewable energy industries and Wall Street regulation. His two initiatives for economic growth include small business rescue grants and free technical school training.”

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“Prigg said he believes people, whether Democrat or Republican, all want the same thing: jobs and economic growth. Prigg supports free technical job training programs for people who lose jobs to automation.“You are also increasing people’s pay with more technical training, increasing the tax base of those people,” he said. “They will have more money to spend at local businesses and that supports the local economy.” He would also like to start a grant program to help local businesses. He said large corporations have innumerable advantages over small businesses in the form of tax incentives, bargaining ability and teams of lobbyists, but he will work to change that. Prigg said he will work to reinvigorate the economy by developing small business grants and subsidies to help level the playing field. “This would supply a small business with enough funds to make those adjustments so you don’t lose that small business in that community,” he said. He said this could be done by redistributing tax money and not raising taxes.”