Civil Rights and Social Justice - Tom Prigg for Congress

Civil Rights and Social Justice

I support equal rights for all human beings.

  • No one in America should be discriminated against based on their race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • America continues to suffer from racial inequity exacerbated by economic and socially constructed divides.
    • African-American students are more harshly punished than their white peers: they are 3X more likely to be suspended out-of-school than white students 1, which feeds into the school-to-prison pipeline.2
    • Stop-and-frisk policies disproportionately target Black and Hispanic men 3, which has led to unequal incarceration. For example, Black Americans comprise 40% of prisoners despite being only 13% of the population.4
    • People of Color earn an average of 25% less than their White peers.5
  • The civil rights of the LGBQT community have been under attack for decades, and legislation to officially limit their rights has dramatically risen in recent years.6
    • Marriage equality reduced suicide attempts of LGBTQ teens by 7%.7
  • I will vote against any law that attempts to legalize discrimination.