Political Corruption - Tom Prigg for Congress

Political Corruption

I pledge to never accept Wall Street money, or hold any investments or stocks in any company, while serving as a Congressman.

  • Campaign donations from corporations are business investments. US Representatives who accept corporate money are pressured to vote in their donors’ (not the voters’) best interests. That isn’t Democracy; that’s called a “plutocracy” – when the wealthiest control the government. Here are some real-life examples:
    • The August Kaiser Health Tracking Poll (2015) found that 72% of Americans think prescription drug prices are too high.1 And yet, we still have a 2003 law preventing our government from negotiating drug prices on our behalf despite many attempts to reverse it. Why? Maybe because the pharmaceutical industry has spent the most (>$3.5 billion) lobbying for the last two decades.2
    • The unpopular “individual mandate” of the ACA was lobbied for by insurance companies 3, which have spent the second most ($2.4 million) on lobbying from 1998-2016.4

I am in favor of a rank voting system to avoid “lesser of two evils” situations.5

I support allowing third parties to participate in presidential debates.

  • America has 320 million citizens; we need more than 2 parties to represent our diverse issues. Multiple parties provide balance would also help hold all parties and candidates accountable.
  • As your Congressman, I will support legislation to overturn Citizens United.
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