The New Green Deal - Tom Prigg for Congress

The New Green Deal

I support the development of renewable energy industries.

  • Unlike fossil fuels, these renewable energy industries aren’t going away. The sun will not stop shining, the wind will not stop blowing, and the water will keep flowing. These industries will provide a sustainable economy and provide jobs far into our country’s future. Not only would this improve our environment 1 2, but boost our economy as well.3
    • More jobs. More job security – The industries of wind, solar, enzyme, and wave turbine would create millions of manufacturing, engineering, sales, technical support, and service repair jobs. Unlike fossil fuel jobs that often disappear when the fossil fuel is depleted, renewable energy jobs provide good-paying work with job security.4
    • Lower cost to consumers – the economy is stimulated when consumers have more to spend.
    • Energy Independence – Save billions of dollars of government spending on importing fossil fuels.
  • As your Representative, I will vote in support of programs and initiatives that seek to develop, improve and implement Green Energy alternatives, which will in turn create stable jobs, revitalize the economy and protect our environment.