Criminal Justice Reforms - Tom Prigg for Congress

Criminal Justice Reforms

I support reinvesting in less costly rehabilitation and treatments for drug abuse and mental illness. The for-profit prison system values profit over people, and this must stop.

  • The US imprisons 4X more people than any other country in the world 1…even though violent crime rates have been decreasing for 20 years.2 Why is that?
  • Prisons were estimated to cost taxpayers $39 billion in fiscal year 2010; this equates to $31,286 / inmate / year.3
  • Many private prisons have negotiated “lockup quotas”, which requires law enforcement to arrest enough people or WE pay the difference.4
    • This guarantees prisons profit from our hard-earned tax money no matter what.
  • In 2015, 13.8% of all arrests were drug-related, non-violent offenses. We have over half a million people in prison for marijuana possession.5
  • An estimated 15-20% of inmates in jails and state prisons have a serious mental illness, or ~356,000 inmates.6 This is 10 times more than the ~35,000 individuals with serious mental illness remaining in state hospitals.
  • As your Congressman, I will support legislation to increase funding and invest in rehabilitation and treatment programs for prisoners, and am in favor of substance abuse treatment, in lieu of prison, for first time, nonviolent offenders. I also pledge to work hard towards ultimately reducing our reliance on the for-profit private prison syste