Universal Healthcare - Tom Prigg for Congress

Universal Healthcare

I support the establishment of a universal healthcare system.

  • Americans should have access to quality medical care regardless of income.
    • In 2014, a report from the Commonwealth Fund ranked US healthcare worst in the developed world. In this report, the US “ranked last overall among 11 industrialized countries on measures of health system quality, efficiency, access to care, equity and healthy lives.” Significantly, the US was found to have vastly higher costs while also displaying the lowest performance.1
  • Universal healthcare isn’t simply economically sound, it’s a right.
  • As your Representative, I will vote against legislation that would cut funding or limit access to rural, community, or women’s centers. I will fight to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and prescription costs, and seek to abolish annual and lifetime caps on coverage. I will fight to ensure coverage cannot be denied or cost more due to pre-existing conditions.
  1. http://www.commonwealthfund.org/~/media/files/publications/fund-report/2014/jun/1755_davis_mirror_mirror_2014.pdf